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This is the best of all the sweetness,and I call it the all in one almighty cos it several function.
Minnies elixir is one product any woman should not miss having,after trials and test were carried on it after production,myself I was mouth agape at the result.

You want you and your man to have several orgasm not just once,elixir can help you achieve this as well as making you squirt without limit,makes you naturally sleamy wet and the experience is always mind blowing and keeps you and your partner desiring for more experience of it again.
You want the best sexual experience,please use mostly when you alone with your partner and no intruder or children cos it leaves you moaning on a high tone,never seen your man moan then use minnies elixir.

How does it function?
Elixir as a substantial amount of boron in it,which aids the use of estrogen in women and as well increase the level of nitric oxide in the system,the flow released in the blood during arousal,which makes the woman well lubricated.
It creates a tingling sensation and increases the release of epinephrine also known as adrenaline and endorphins and this triggers the sexual hormone to making the activity more pleasurable with easy squirting and orgasm

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